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Women Innovators in Art & Agriculture panel re-cap

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We want to thank Molly Meehan (The Accokeek Foundation/Maryland & Centro Ashe/Costa Rica) and Elissa Blount-Moorhead (Weeksville Society/Brooklyn) for their passionate & inspiring participation on our Women Innovators in Art & Agriculture panel at Sara Lawrence College last week! We’re looking forward to more work together….


YOUNITY presents “GODDESShood, our land is our jewel” 9.10.11 Yonkers Riverfront Public Library

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Female Urban Art Collective YOUNITY Presents Exhibition Exploring the Themes

Mother Earth, The Hood, and Sustainable Agriculture in conjunction with

The Yonkers Riverfront Public Library and Sarah Lawrence College

lmnop, Ayiti (detail), mixed media, 2011, approx. 5ft x 2ft

Queens, NY (August 15, 2011)— All female urban art collective, YOUNITY, presents GODDESShood: Our land is our jewel, an art exhibition that will feature 10 artists in conversation with the themes mother earth, the hood and sustainable farming. Opening on Saturday, September 10, from 2pm – 5pm at the Yonkers Riverfront Public Library, during the annual Yonkers Riverfest event, the project utilizes urban art as a platform for visual discourse on sustainable agriculture, food systems, food justice, and mother earth, and closes on Sunday, December 4th, 2011. Additional programming in the City of Yonkers and at Sarah Lawrence College will take place throughout fall 2011, including youth workshops and a panel discussion.

All of the artists in the exhibition, Lichiban, Swoon, Sofia Maldonado, Krista Franklin, Marthalicia, Diana McClure, Faith 47, lmnop, Lady Alezia, and Alice Mizrachi, engage with the theme mother earth or nature, and related concepts, both directly and indirectly in their individual artistic practices. In the context of this exhibition the artists were asked to utilize the idea of the hood as a metaphor for not only local neighborhoods and urban culture, but also land, nature and the natural environment at large.  And, finally, the genesis and inspiration for the exhibition stems from the curators’ discovery of La Via Campesina (The International Peasant Movement) and an intense global movement for land and agricultural rights taking place below the radar.

Krista Franklin, Naomi in the Okra Patch, collage and inclusions in handmade paper 17 1/5″ x 11 1/2″

In the YOUNITY tradition, GODDESShood: Our land is our jewel will include painting, murals, photography, and stencils, as well as video and sculptural objects. The exhibition picks up where YOUNITY’s last exhibition FRESHER!, which addressed consumerism, environmentalism, health, and renewable energy, left off in the fall of 2009. Co-curator Diana McClure says, “With the GODDESShood: Our land is our jewel exhibition we wanted to use the YOUNITY platform as a tool for social change and disseminator of information by bringing visibility to a battle being fought by peasants, small and medium-size farmers, landless people, women farmers, indigenous people, migrants and agricultural workers from around the world.  A battle that seems to get lost in mainstream media’s disregard for the economic politics of green living.” With the success of YOUNITY’s premiere exhibit in 2007, The C R O S S O V E R, the second annual Heart and Soul show and book publication in 2008, and FRESHER! in 2009, YOUNITY has become one of the most sought after all-female collectives to date. Co-curator and YOUNITY co-founder Alice Mizrachi says, “After 3 years of annual exhibitions, wall productions, youth workshops, etc. The core YOUNITY production team decided to take a year off in 2010 to explore new ideas and individual creative pursuits.  During that time we’ve all developed and hope to use our growing cultural capital to continue to support female urban artists and address social issues as individuals and a collective.”

For more information on  public programming in conjunction with the GODDESShood: Our land is our jewel exhibition,  including youth workshops led by Co-Curator/Arts Educator Alice Mizrachi for Yonkers youth, and a panel discussion moderated by Co-Curator Diana McClure at Sarah Lawrence College, visit

About YOUNITY: artists Alice Mizrachi and TOOFLY founded YOUNITY in New York City in 2007.  After spending many years involved in the art world, it became evident that urban contemporary women artists did not have a properly organized forum through which to disseminate ideas and showcase work to their contemporaries and the public at large.  The confines of galleries were too rigid and staid and the ‘white cube’ did not lend much room for personal expression and individual style.  So, Alice and TOOFLY decided to: 1) create a place where females could tell their stories in more universal, down-to-earth voices; 2) build a stable community in which they could teach the next generation of women the process of curating exhibitions and successfully spreading artistic ideas; and, 3) allow members to explore their own flavor while retaining their identity within the context of a collective body. YOUNITY is also committed to the documentation and archiving of itself as a community of unique, autonomous participants through exhibitions, new media and publishing.


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WOW lot’s to catch up on. NYC is just crazy in the summer lot’s of stuff going on….okay so we’ll set it off with my kids mural workshop that went down this past week…

BIG CITY WALLS – Younity + Toofly Street Art Mural Project with The Women’s Leadership school was a huge success! The workshop kicked off at our favorite summer spot THE SECRET GARDEN in Bushwick. Weather was loving us! For the past 3 days a group of 30+ young women got a chance to experience the stages of producing a collaborative aerosol mural project with a NATURE theme reflective of what we created at the Secret Garden. It was one of my first official street art mural projects with a large youth group and it went smooooooooth as pie. WHEW! I can def get the hang of this every summer, kids rock!!!


Day 1 – Introduction, Project Details, Concept, Sketches, and a walk through the Secret Garden for some inspiration. SEE THE REST OF THE PHOTOS BELOW >>>

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YOUNITY BOOTH! at the BHF 2009

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Rain of shine we made it! This year’s Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival was NOT a wash out. Mad people came through. As long as you had an umbrella, rain boots, rain jacket, or even a garbage bag over you head you were good. Damn missed that flick that was funny. I’m happy we got an opportunity to build with Allison she’s so DOPE!!! One of the organizers for the F.O.K.U.S team. Girl is no joke LOVE HER! Thanks for everything hommie, we had a blast. We’re def looking forward to more YOUNITY ARTS + F.O.K.U.S projects with you!

10:30am call time. Younity is here bring ya’ll the sunshine!



1 Main Street. Dumbo Brooklyn…Great SPACE.




The ILLLLLLLLLest! Organizer I’ve met so far miss Allison Maritza Lasky! Repping F.O.K.U.S




Shout out to our Younity team Shana Louallen, and Yvette Devito for helping us hold it down! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


Our hommie Black Rob, and booth neighbor for the The Hip Hop Association. FACILIATING, FOSTERING, & PRESERVING HIP-HOP CULTURE! Don’t miss JUNE 25th event next week!!! Get Your Tickets!


JUNKPRINTS! Hommie is def part of  Younity’s collective this year love her stuff! RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE!


Show your support for your fellow independent artists making HANDMADE, and with LOVE.


AM preparing the FRESHER STENCIL for the Younity kids workshop.

Gotta spread the word!!! Call for entries have been extended to JULY 1st!


Had to make an irrigation system first to keep the rain out. MAD FUNNY!

kids paiting


Gotta give kids an opportunity to rock out too!


LADIES LOVE NYC Mommy dropped by with her little one!



A little rain never hurt nobody. GET your ass out the crib, one day we may not be able to. Mother Nature is not playing!

Younity Crew

Booth is all packed up, time for Performance FUN! PHOTO BY: ★TECHIENYC★


Yeo Time for LIVE MUSIC! We out, Smif n’ Wesson, Dead Prez, Brand Nubian, and suprise guest BUCKSHOT!!!


SEE YA NEXT YEAR!!! BROOKLYN we go hard, we go hard….BROOKLYN we go hard, we go hard….