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AM & Chevy Sonic Urban Art Project

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A few weeks ago I worked on this amazing #urbanart project for @Chevylife painting a brand new Chevy #Sonic. I was teamed up with  Zoo York Pro Skaters Rodney Torres and Eli Reed for a collaborative project showcasing art and skate culture. With inspiration from Rodney and Eli, I created a cityscape wrapped around the car with Flushing Meadows Unisphere in Queens on the hood. The project was so much fun gave me the opportunity to rock out on a new surface. The crew I worked with were real cool and I got to vibe out and enjoy the process.

Check out the flicks and footage below.

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks to Christian Driggs and the whole Big Fuel team for doing such a great job!!!!

Flushing Meadows Corona Park- Shooting Rodney & Eli talk about Maloof Skate Park.

Eli Reed talking about his experiences as a skater.

Rodney Torres sharing his passion for skating and what building Maloof Park was like for him.

Ready to get down on the car! Got all the inspiration from the prior day at Maloof Park and my research. These cans definitely got me siked when I walked into the studio ready to paint- they were color organized:)

Eli Reed and Rodney Torres after revealing the car to them.

A detail of one of the messages hidden in the cityscape.

For my concept I decided to go with the idea of Rodney and Eli’s experiences with Maloof Park. I wanted to incorporate life living in the city but still showing the borough both me and Rodney come from- Queens. Since we were in the park when it was raining I wanted to include the elements we deal with in NYC.  I was super inspired by the fall colors in the rain. I added that to the design of the car by including warm fall colors. One side of the car had a sun suggesting daytime while the other side showed a moon suggesting night. I also added seasonal shifts into the design- the hood shows a warmer summer/ spring season, the sides show the fall and the gradient with white to the rear of the car suggests a cooler climate- Winter. Surrounded by all these elements we still manage to do what we love, in my case make art and in their case skateboard. The elements challenge us to become better and more passionate about what we do.

It feels so good to be inspired by the smallest things in life- friends, seasons, life experiences; and to be able to share these things in my art with the world is a real dream come true!


Save The Dates!!!

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Feeling great, and ready to rock some dope art exhibitions and holiday markets coming up in December. Save the dates!!! event info and details coming soon…

DEC 4th – Shop Creative -Soho

DEC 5th – Harlem Pop -Harlem

DEC 10th – Ladies Night – Lower East Side

DEC 10th – 12X12 – Dumbo

DEC 11th – Holiday Pop Up Shop – Lower East Side

DEC 17th – Invisible Instructions – Lower East Side


Wellingcourt Community Mural Project

Posted in Collaborations, Community, Good Times, Street Art, Walls on May 23, 2010 by theyounity

A sensational day with friends, creating and beautifying one community at a time….

Thank you for welcoming us with open arms Wellingcourt….

See you later Wellingcourt….. thank you for the great memories!

YOUNITY’s RE-FRESH THE STREETS! – Williamsburg Brooklyn

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The YOUNITY Re-Fresh the Streets live street art collaboration is complete!!! Super duper special shout out to our Younity Youth Jerely, and Talia who threw down with the can control. We are so proud;)  our Younity Crew Shana, Diana, Mama, and Samia for helping freestyle that store front. Jazzy jazz baby! I couldn’t have done it without ya. Especially Abeni Garrett for hooking up the video piece for this project I can;t wait to see it!!! Gracias MAMASITAS! Shout out to the owner of this entire spot, JERRY ( Official Hero Status! ) for being so humble and sweet with all us girls. Looking fwd to the Friday Jazz Jam sessions to close out the summer, SOUTHSIDE style. Mad love goes out to OUR people, the few left in this community who got smart in the 70-80’s and bought their property! This hood back then was one of NYC’s worst. Gentrifaction is inevitable, and we feel for you. THIS WALL IS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RE-FRESH THE STREETS – YOUNITY Female Stylez, Ideaz, and Skillz!


Jazz Jam Sessions every FRIDAY NIGHT!!! Support your local peeps who do this for the love not for the money. Especially folks like Jerry who have held it down from day 1!

Younity Crew_sm

YOUNITY YOUTH Prepping the wall:)

YOUNITY YOUTH Prepping the wall:)

Day 1: PREP WALL. Younity Crew; Shana Louallen, Diana Mc Clure, TF, AM, & Younity Youth; Talia, Jeraline, Tati, and Charlie, and #1 mom Oli.  Thank You!


DAY 2: AIKO fresh start…weather was great!


EMA, and Sofia Maldonado


Tabasco your so cute!!!

Sofia came thru and rocked her dopeness:) She brought Lee's baby along
Sofia came thru and rocked her dopeness:) She brought Lee’s baby along


Classic Charlie! Repping the Dominican flag I LOVE IT! Photo by: OLIVIA



Grow by Toofly

I need another day on it it, lot’s to fix…


VIK – You killed it girl! I LOVE IT;)




YOUNITY CREW- the ladies the ladies


Charlie gave me some good pollen advice on the sunflower piece- thanks kid!


Our peoples, Jim and Kala Murray from their latest BOOK: Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York out now! taking professional flicks of our wall. THANK YOU!!!




So proud of our Younity Youth…give them a can and they FLY!


Freestyle skillz baby, off the dome…


Mama! Yeo thank you so much for the ladders and extra paint your BIG CITY WALLS HEART rocks!!!


AM going high with the sunflower seeeeeeeds…


My sister INKS came thru to rock some bird stencils…


JEN ONE work in progress…Fresher Logo in progress…We’re almost there ladies, SEND ME final flicks! It got too dark…


We were happy SHIRO got a chance to paint with us this summer while she visited us from Japan. Her flight was the next day and she banged this baby out in 1 day! Good job Shiro! We love youuuuuuu. See you next summer!


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Marie Claire Younity

Fresher Logo


(New York, NY) – On August 9, 2009 from 1 p.m.-6 p.m. the women of YOUNITY Arts will host RE-FRESH THE STREETS!, a live street art production to kick off the festivities for the upcoming FRESHER Exhibit in the fall of 2009. A massive sixty-two feet long mural will be painted on an outdoor wall space. Additionally, the art is an effort to beautify the community with graffiti art and street styles that mirror the eco-friendly theme of the FRESHER Exhibit. The collaborative effort will be the artistic event of the summer, displaying the flagrant artistic talent of the female collective and participating artistic youth.

As seen in Marie Claire’s summer 2009 August Calendar, Sponsored by the Motorola Sweepstakes.

Sunday, August 9th 2009
1pm to 6pm.
South 5th Street & Bedford
Take L train to Bedford.
please visit:


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This year’s Afro Punk Festival was DOPE. The wall set-up was tight, and the artist line up was on point. Mad characters! Felt right at home…


Afro Punk Festival, JULY 4, 2009.


12 noon…


Space was transformed into a pop-up skate park: Skaters, Half Pipes, Decks, Live Music, etc.




My boy Cekiz!!! Can’t wait to rock a wall together;)


Rimix loved his line work…




SHAUN from Trust Your Struggle Collective. Thank you for all your hard work!

crystal Clarity

Crystal Clarity


New steez, on my warrior shit…


Good job TEAM!



Dope pic by: thashadow06

Shout out to RASU from coup d’etat crew for hooking us up all day! Thank You;)


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The Secret Garden. A YOUNITY + BIG CITY WALLS collaboration with female aerosol artists from NYC. Coming together to “RE-FRESH” the streets…

Secret Garden Production_sm

Rocking productions with 10+ artists is not always easy. Having a sketch helps. Not everything can go according to plan, but if you leave enough room to improvise you get pretty close…


THE SECRET GARDEN. J train to Gates ave. Corner of Linden and Broadway, Bushwick Brooklyn.

Great spot to chill, paint, play dominos, BBQ, and grow your own vegetables & fruits! There’s a farmers market every Wednesday if you want to check it out. Shout out to the folks who run this place and JOSEPH for keeping it beautiful for the community.

Big hug to Erotica for hooking us up with the ill grill meals! & for bringing by the whole fam. What else can be more fun than running around, playing hide and go seek, dancing, laughing, jumping, and climbing stuff?  WHAT FUN! they will remember for a long long time.


Day 1. Pieces were sketched in and set. On the hunt of colors necessary for Day-2 & 3 possibly 4..GREEN, GREEN, AND MORE GREEN!!!

THE COLOR GREEN. The color of nature, fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful color. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony.

GREEN ENERGY contains the powerful energies of nature, growth, desire to expand or increase. Balance and a sense of order are found in the color green. Change and transformation is necessary for growth, and so this ability to sustain changes is also a part of the energy of green


Collabo between Lady K Fever and Toofly. Feeling RE-FRESHED yet? Flow like water and you’ll see what I mean.

Water unceasingly changes shapes and transforms itself. It is thus a model out of which everything can be born. It is also a source of purification. Purification for the individual beings but also for the whole of mankind. The Flood is a founding episode in numerous civilisations. Among Australia’s Aborigenes, a giant frog is said to have swallowed the Earth’s water to release it only when the other animals, dying with thirst, made it burst out laughing. The Flood in a re-creation of the world. One emerges from water in order to be reborn.


DIVA sweetest person ever!


MADGE def incorporated “THE SECRET” up in here! The key to our hearts “LOVE” and nothing else…


JES. Watch out for TOUGH LOVE NYC! Love these VENUS FLY TRAPS great color…


EROTICA. Yeo this WOMAN right here has got to be the ill#1 graffiti mom. She hella looked out for all of us and kept our bellies full. What a MOM! Got the whole fam in her piece too that’s LOVE. Blessing to you hommie and your beautiful family!


AM, K-STAR collabo. Damn AM wen’t mad high on this one what’s that 15feet? 20? word. K-STAR repping hard! Thanks for the beers ladies they were nice and cold kept us on a nice buzz while we worked;) Ya know how to party!


TADA!!!!!!!!!! thanks to BIG CITY WALLS. Hooking us ladies up with wall permissions, paint donations/budgets, and urban arts workshops for youth in the community near you! We had a blast painting, BBQ’n, laughing, and taking maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad flicks. Thank you lady for bring’n us all together!