Younity Markit Flicks!

Yesterday’s Younity Art & Designer MARKIT was a sunny successs!!! From dope handmade goods, fresh artwork, designer T’s, to the valiadas and hot dogs on the grill by Father Tom and the parish crew. Our peeps came through and showed maaaaaaad LOVE! Dj Jedi, and Dj Disco Wiz killed it on the 1 & 2’s playing the best in Hip Hops classics and Freestyle. Bboyz, and BGirlz would of loved it. Ya def up in the mix next time without a doubt. Can’t wait!!! Got lot’s more stuff planned for Markit#2 The Lady of Sorrows parish is down for us, that’s why I love COMMUNITY. Real recognize real;) Bringing together fresh creative talent to our hoods one summer at a time. Look out for the HOLIDAY MARKET in the works for December. Thanks again everybody!!!



Graff_jc_020 copy

Goodies for all…


Thanks for the LUV GFC Peeps!

Graff_jc_072 copy

Circa 95, officially yours;) LUV YA! Pete, Rephstar, Patty Dukes, TF > Flick by Joe Conzo


DJ Jedi is the man!!! Hooked it up with the whole set up, the schoolyard was jammin. Big huggggggz to you for all your support hommie.


INKS had some new goodies this year…NEON zebra print tank top styles, and houndstooth fabric pins so cute. Little NYC pillows sold out!


JUNKPRINTS > Check out that huge ass duffle. WHAT! this girl is NO JOKE. She’s is all about about it and we LOVE IT! Check her our soon on People Magazine. Congrats hommie!


GOODWOODNYC baby! Yeo Kerri’s new stuff is looking SICK!!! See for yourselves…


UNBELIVEABLE, there ain’t nobody on her steez, she is def ORIGINAL. Love it Kerri keep up the DOPENESS.


Destroy & Rebuild Collective > These fellas are all so talented. I can’t get enough. Shout out to 2esae, ski, and avone. Looking fwd to the collabo it’s gonna be illlllllll. Be sure to check out their set up up in Soho on prince near the apple store. They’re work is TOP NOTCH. I need my REVS & COST piece ya still got it?


624713 Collective > Grimy Patterns/graff + prints Art, T’s and much more. This crew is doing their thing, you can also visit their setup in soho. Lookout for Jenevieve713 in the FRESHER show OCT 3rd!


DOPE! I love art, especially when it’s from NY…


DJ DISCO WIZ came through to drop the skilllllllz. I think if there was a linoleum around i might have just thrown down even though I can’t break the music was so goooood. Thanks so much for sharing your time Wiz! Look out for his AWESOME book and bookstores worldwide IT’S JUST BEGUN. This is a LEGEND right here supporting YOUNITY;) Thank u!!!


TOUGH LOVE NYC cupcakes! too bad I don’t have a sweet tooth these look YUMMY!



STEPHANIE LAND > Photographs + Stationary. This lady’s images are so peaceful I love looking at them. I can’t wait to see her handmade Journal for the FRESHER exhibit!


FRESTHETIC > Our crew without a doubt! Repping amazing artists on T’s wood, and print. Check out their shop on 560 Grand St in Willy B, Brooklyn.


AM > Art, Knits, Pillows, Art and more!


Sohnup> HIP HOPE FOR HEALING. Check out the organic steez…


Mina Suarez > Vintage Goodes + and dope purses…


La Araucana by Norma Bravo > Vee’s momma making some beautiful handmade knitted scarves, hats, and sweaters. Time to get cozy soon!


Ivette Urbanez > Handcrafted Dresses, Purses, and Silkscreened T’s.


Mr Tony Peralta chillin’ making plans for the next market. Joe Conzo was diggn’ it. Dimélo y que lo qué primo…


Thank you Father TOM!!!


Younity sporting the goods, new T’s gonna go up online soooon. Shout out to Yvey for hooking it up w/ father TOM on this dope schoolyard location. Especially helping to organize the DJ’s. Your a TROOPER kid! LUV YA;) Big hugz and kisses to miss Shana Louallen for holding down the Younity booth with her cuz and giving folks some Tarot Card readings. Your on the next FLYER!

Graff_jc_086 copy

Oh shit! Look who came thru to show the ladies love. Artists legend, graff head, b-boy, DOZE GREEN. It was great to see you!

Graff_jc_033 copy

Kicking off FRESHER 09 like no other baby! THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE…yeah yeah OCTOBER 3rd >>> Lower East Side…


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