Kicking off Women’s Herstory Month!

This year YOUNITY kicked off Women’s Herstory month with the 2nd
annual Momma’s Hip Hop Kicthen at Hostos Community College in the
Bronx. I must say the set up was tight!!! organization on point:) Shout
out to the team from Rebel Diaz, and lady of the night Lah Tere. Doing
events like this for the community is what it’s all about!


Community first!


Shana and I were teaming it up with our Rebel Air T’s ” I will hustle strong ”


Spreading Younity, and opportunity to our peoples…



especially the next generation of shortie rocks…


Sharing and never forgetting our little sister Andrea “ACB” Bernal


Check Rephstar and Patty Dukes at every Sunday from 2-5PM. For more info check out their BLOG: circa95
Shout out to TWITTER! LOL


MC, Organizer Lah Tere! REBEL DIAZ…


Time to set it off!


IT’S JUST BEGUN; 2nd annual Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen!!!


Representing lyrical skillz, dance, and much more; Lah Tere, La Bruja, Patty Dukes, Rokafella, Queen Godis and many more!


So proud of being part of WOMEN IN HIP HOP! These are the women that
make real positive change happen in our community. Mothers, Sisters,
Artists, Organizers, Educators! One day at a time…


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