Back from illy Philly!


Shout out to the HAS ONE Kick Off Crew and Rarebreed for inviting us to set up shop for Younity’s Heart & Soul book with the Philly community.


Rarebreed hosts gallery exhibitions and events that showcase graffiti, street, sneaker, and urban art. They also sell a variety of art supplies, DVD’s,  magazines, books, and collector toys.


The books were a hit!


art recognizes art is what I say;)



Shout to the whole custom sneaker crew specially the ladies repping that night like Pink Eye, Fetti DBiasi, and Female Sneaker Fiend. Can’t forget Rebel Aire who hooked us up with some dope t-shirts! thank youuuuu:) Rocking mine right now, it’s a great fit!


It’s always dope to get out of NY and meet the community that supports and cares about it’s own. You never know when you’ll meet someone like Chris! Our official bodyguard for the evening, and local travel host. Shit closes early in Philly, and with no wo-hop in sight he hooked us up with the late night cheesteak spot! Thanks for getting my stickers up high too!!!


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