Here’s some flicks of the Holiday Market at the Bronx Museum Saturday in case you missed it! It was a great opportunity to get some small gifts for friends and family all handmade. There was a large selection of art books witch we spent most of our time looking at;) There was a lot of kids running around, and the art activities for them was pretty fun. Happy to see the museums making an effort to make these public community art spaces cool!


We couldn’t get enough of the ARTBOOKS set up…

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Stephanie Land; stationary, photography, books, pins, calendars… I got my NYC thank you cards love them!


Toofly T-shirts, Art, Mini Graffiti Bags, Stickers Packs, Inks Totes, Trinity 2 Finger Ring Collection, and some handmade knitted slippers by my grandma!


Am and Mom Art, Pillows, Knitted Purses, Scarves, and the last remaining Younity Books!


Vee’s Mom, Erotica & Lady K Fever holding it down with some knitted scarves, hats, bags, umbrellas, and personalized tagged up ornaments!


Junkprints handmade bags, clutches, pins, and much more! Love that little character girl!


It was last minute but Ivetta Urbaez came thru with her lovely handmade dresses, shirts, purses, and much more!


Handmade Jewelry by Star Nigro, with artwork, drawings, and shells!


So Nup, aka Spazecraft Graffiti Jewelry, Artprints, Stickers, handmade dolls, Comic Books, and make your own Kaiju kit!


Overall it was a pretty mellow crowd. It was great that we had a chance to build and plan our 2009 spring market in the lower east side. Stay tuned that’s gonna be dope!!! Thanks again ladies for coming together:) Shout out to Stephanie Trudeau for inviting us to hold our Holiday Market fun with the Bronx community.


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