YOUNITY’S HEART & SOUL BOOK is now available online!

The Heart and Soul book, comprised of 60 visual works by women artists in the realm of fine art, graffiti, illustration, photography, design & fashion.  Formatted as a 5×8 inch postcard-style flipbook, each page is a work of limited printed art. Especially if you get the chance to get it signed! This is Younity’s first publication in the collector’s book series that showcases the work of current YOUNITY members.

The Heart and Soul book retails for $19.50
and are exclusively sold at:
Younity Space

Here’s a sneek peek of what’s inside!


Maria “Toofly” Castillo
“Rescue Me”
Acrylic on Board, 8.5″X11″ Framed. Year Created: 2008


Alice Mizrachi
Drawing and Collage on Paper, 8.5″X11″ Framed. Year Created: 2008


Lady Pink
“Study of Triptych”
Pencil on Vellum, 8.5″X11″ Framed. Year re-created for Younity 2008. The original exist in her beloved blackbook 2004


Martha Cooper
“Washington DC 1968″
Photo- Digital C Print. 8.5″X11” Framed. Year Created: 2008


Diana Mc Clure
“Twin Flames” (Moments In Love series)
Photo, 8.5″X11″ Framed. Year Created: 2008


“Huahuapan de Leon” (Blue)
2 color silkscreen print with hand staining
8.5″x11″ Framed. Signed/edition of 250


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