LAST DAYS…in Berlin


The B-Girls have arrived!!! Yay now we can party!!!


Ya llegue meng!


wait our cell phones don’t work here crap! back to basics…


Time to shine ladies!


Fresh, Bold, and So Def: Women in Hip Hop Changing the Game. Presentation by Martha Diaz from the Hip Hop Association highlighting 25 International pioneering women in Hip Hop that changed the game. Sorry no link to the discussion technical difficulties…here’s some flicks form Martha Cooper…


My Idols:) Love you guys!!!  Asia1, & Rokafella



Thank you for the love and support guys! send us the flicks and online interviews…


couldn’t resist… lol…


The Natural Rokafella rocking the steez…


Desdamona in the house! what’s up with tonight? Cookies anyone…DJ Laylo on the 1 & 2’s yeo!
Oh crap! I got no flicks on Roxanne Shante, Invincible, Bahamadia I suck! can anyone send me some?


Cookies and Cream…AOW!


party time!!!


Oh shit Baba’s here too!


Let’s not forget to reconnect we gotta spread the love back in the states!


First days, last days, long days, short days…had to fit them all in…


I think we’ve done enough in Berlin ladies time to go HOME! Miss my boo…Good job Shiro! official artist for the WE B*GIRLS identity image plastered all over Berlin:) Get some rest hommie…


You spread your love big time, even on heart balloons on bikes on the street!


Oh no gonna miss you Big Tara! so many laughs you freak’n rock man… AOW!


From Here to Fame…


Thanks Nika and Martha for all your hard work on We B*Girlz! If it wasn’t for this event we would not have met such wonderful human beings like sweetie pie “Pau Pau” Aka, Paulina aka PSF and Supa. Miss you guys! thank you for letting us spread our message and share our love for art, and community with Berlin. Especially¬† peeps like Akim Walta who’s was a huge inspiration to us all. Looking forward for the ultimate dream to come alive! A mega big shout out to our dears friends Shiro, Big Tara, Laylo, Roka, Asia 1, Emilie, Martha, Mona, Faith47, and Desdamona. The memories are priceless!!! We have laughs for days… Shout out to Martha Diaz who made this trip possible for us, we honestly would not have made it without your help mama! THANK YOU Hip Hop Association/Ford Foundation! Your support means the world to us. Looking forward to our NYC team travels!


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