Soooooo the official reason we flew all the way to Berlin was to rep, support women, and participate in the all female Catfight graffiti jam for We B*Girlz. At first I must admit I was a little dissapointed. Why would we come all the way to the other side of the world to paint on boards? After getting the dirt on the property owner who was being an ass and not giving permission to the organizers to rock the already graffed up walls with some new shit  I “sighed”. I thought it would be a little different here but like in all places “graffiti art” is still not accepted for it’s direct connections to the destructive illegal markings of it’s roots. Anyway in the end Faith47 and Mickey lead the team and fought for the walls. Thank you ladies!!! We all jumped in cleaned up the weeds and dirt from beneath us and threw down our skills. This is what we came to here to represent…

LINEUP:  TOOFLY (NY), SHIRO (Japan), FAITH47 (South-Africa), MADC (GER), MICKEY (NL), FANY (GER), HERA (GER), SPICE (Australia) , MASSACRE (Sweden), WINTER (Sweden), YEAH (Sweden), QGE (NOR), VENUS (Spain), POLITRIX (SE) , SIZTA (SE), NUMI (Spain), FLAI (Spain) , MALICIA (Spain), ALICE MIZRACHI (NY), F.LADY (NL), JOLIE (GER) and more…

©2008 Photos by: Just ekosystem and Martha Cooper

More... 5.jpg

Tachless Backyard… check out the panels on the right…it’s was def a good effort but in the end when you fight hard enough for what you belive in you are bound to get it.



Photo by:  © 2008 Martha Cooper



Faith 47






Spice, Mickey, Faith 47





Love you Martha!!! thank you for supporting urban youth culture from day 1!
Now let’s head over to the book release for TAGTOWN!


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