We’re in Berlin!

THURSDAY 8.20.08

We made it!!! It was a long ass flight for all of us but were finally here:) Whew!

Shout out to Paulina “Pau” for hooking us with a place to stay and being our official guide on this trip LUV YA hommie!!!

FRIDAY 8.22.08

Took a stroll around the way and warmed up at the nearest wall…

Shiro, AM, and Toofly

We B-Girlz posters are everywhere with Shiro’s logo!

Later that evening we headed over to the TACHLESS for the Catfight exhibit..

Thanks F Lady! Dope Prints

Faith 47 by Catfight F Lady…

Mad C

Yeo D your cards are here kid! http://www.cultureserve.net

Mad printed materials…

White walls need some art…

Martha Cooper Hip Hop Files 2008:)

We B Girlz!

Party Time!

SATURDAY 8.23.08

HIP HOP STUTZPUNKT – From Here To Fame Studios

Damn Akim your the man!:)

OMG we’re so inspired!!! The dream is real


One Response to “We’re in Berlin!”

  1. Demetrius Wren Says:

    Hello. I’m working on a film that will feature Faith 47 and I love the artist rendition of her in your post. How do I get in contact with the artist who made it? It will be a nice way to show a stylish view of Faith 47 while still keeping her identity a mystery.

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