The Peralta Project and Toofly will be at this years AFRO PUNK Brooklyn Arts Market.

Save the date!
Sept 21st!
529 Myrtle Avenue
(between grand and emerson)
G Train to Classon Ave

Party and shop locally, all summer long and into the fall! The new Brooklyn Urban Arts Market’s five Sunday appearances on Myrtle Avenue near the PrattStore will blend the power and pull of Afro-Punk and BAM’s cutting edge creative culture with MARP’s community economic empowerment and small business initiatives. Envisioned as an answer to those ubiquitous NYC street fairs (you know the ones…same perfume and tube socks at every one no matter what location), this open-air market will house 50 local artisans, vendors, and entrepreneurs hand-selected for their innovative creations, fresh urban perspective and DIY spirit.



More...Afro-Punk returns to curate a musical line up that fuses underground sounds with old-school favorites (see full list below), which will definitely draw a crowd to the avenue on each and every date. You can be sure that we’ll be working to help our existing merchants take advantage of this foot traffic – we’ve got a number of plans in the works to get our new visitors to travel the avenue, including the distribution of our new shopping guide and a sort of Myrtle Avenue shopping scavenger hunt (more on that soon).

The focus on small, local and home-based businesses includes an added dimension for the vendor participants: 20 were selected to receive free professional training covering business plan writing, marketing and growing your customer base, accounting/finance, and business law with small business development experts, Project Enterprise.

Major funding for the Brooklyn Urban Arts Market was generously provided by Deutsche Bank Foundation


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