PERFECT 8 Exhibition 5.12.08

Beneath The Skin
A PERFECT8 Exhibit
May 12 – June 2, 2008

Opening Reception:
Friday May 16, 6-9pm

Chashama ABC
169 Avenue C(Between 10th and 11th street)
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm or by appointment

Chashama is pleased to present Beneath the Skin, a PERFECT 8 Exhibition featuring artists Andrea Aragón, Jill Marleah Bell, Anki King, Jessica Lagunas, Laura Meyers, Alice Mizrachi, Chloe Paganini, Diana Schmertz, Alison Ward, and Cindy Workman.

Beneath the Skin is an exhibition based on PERFECT 8, a publication and project dedicated to de-objectification. As opposed to the idealized “perfect 10”, PERFECT 8 forms a new expression conveying a sentiment and recognition of the beauty found within the imperfections of people. Perfect also being defined as “complete of its nature or kind”, lends itself to the view that the individual can only be construed as perfect when all attributes of the whole person are acknowledged. Works on view at Beneath the Skin range from painting to video to the installation of “The Revised Men’s and Women’s Interests Sections”. By provoking a curiosity, and ultimately a questioning of what it would be like to experience the feelings of another, this exhibit works to deconstruct the myth that people are objects and obtainable products.

PERFECT 8 was created by Diana Schmertz in 2006. After completing her BFA from Purchase College at age 19, Schmertz was accepted into De Ateliers 63 residency program and awarded a two-year grant to live and paint in Amsterdam, Holland. Since, she has traveled extensively, completed two Masters in Science, and exhibited professionally throughout America. Most recently she has received a Manhattan Community Arts Fund grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and a grant from the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance.

Chashama supports emerging and underrepresented artists by providing one of the most elusive commodities in New York City: space to create. Chashama works with landlords and developers to identify underutilized real estate, which the owner is willing to donate on a short-term, temporary basis, preferring to see underutilized spaces put to good use, looked after and maintained while they are awaiting commercial tenants.


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