DIANA SCHMERTZ – April 4-April 26 6-9pm


DIANA SCHMERTZSolo ExhibitionApril 4- April 26 6-9pmKB Gallery LLC875 West 181street & riverside drivewww.bozoghlian.comwww.dianaschmertz.com

K.B. Gallery is pleased to present ECHOES, a solo exhibition of paintings by Diana Schmertz.  Within her large acrylic paintings Schmertz explores the human psyche through touch.

Using large bold marks, Schmertz creates the sensation of light falling across flesh of the body. The physical contact between the flesh of these bodies reveals the psychological relationship embodied beneath the surface of their skin. The application of paint is sensual, expressing an intimacy rooted in the connectedness of all things.

While Schmertz’s works are figurative and representational, the compositions create an abstracted image.  There is confusion within the compositions, making one question where one person ends and the other begins.  This confusion breaks down the mental fixation of singular entities and reinforces the notion of the interdependence of beings. 

Schmertz was born and raised in New York City. After completing her BFA from Purchase College at age 19, she was accepted into De Ateliers 63 residency program and awarded a two-year grant to live and paint in Amsterdam, Holland.  Since, has traveled extensively, completed two Masters in Science, and has exhibited frequently throughout America, including San Francisco, New York City, and Philadelphia.  Most recently she received a Manhattan Community Arts Fund grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and a grant from the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance.  


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